The Blount Boats Shipyard is located on six acres of land in Warren, Rhode Island. The shipyard is comprised of various fabrication sheds, storage facilities, office spaces, residential properties, docks, a marine railway and parking. It has a full complement of marine trade skills and facilities for building and repairing commercial vessels. The Blount Boat shipyard is located on the water in Warren, Rhode Island, 15 miles south of Providence Rhode Island.

Primary Production Facility: 200’ x 60’ shed (200’ x 40.5’ build capacity), with two tiered mezzanine landings on both sides. Two 7.5 ton bridge cranes can travel the entire length of the building. Connected to the main building are three tiers of storage space, an air compressor shed, electrical wire storage room, a carpentry shop, the stock room, the machine shop, the electrical shop (with additional storage space), a pipe shop, the lunch room/bathroom facilities, and a prefabrication shop.

Secondary Production Facility: The secondary production facility is mainly utilized for new construction of smaller hulls, or pre-fabrication of parts and modules. The building is approximately 120’ long by 65’ wide (120’ x 33’ build capacity). Two bridge cranes (on north bay) and one 1 ton bridge crane (on the south bay) can travel the length of the building. This building is also the home to some permanently installed pre-fabrication equipment, including a break press, plate shear, and plate roller.

Marine Railway w/Covered Tent: The marine railway at the Blount Boats shipyard is located in front of the Secondary Production Facility. A three part, 150’ long telescoping Big Top Tent is positioned over the marine railway. The tent is complete with explosion proof lighting, electrical and ventilation, making it an EPA compliant paint and blast facility.

Lift Dock: Blount Boats’ primary means for hauling and launching vessels is a vertical lift dry dock. The lift platform is approximately 132’ long by 41’ wide, and is certified to lift 240 long tons.

Office: The office is located adjacent to the shipyard at 461 Water Street in Warren, RI and contains offices for engineering, purchasing, accounting, human resources and management.


Office & Shipyard
461 Water Street
P.O. BOX 368
Warren, Rhode Island 02885


T 401.245.8300
F 401.245.8303



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