Blount Boats, Inc. is a full-service shipyard located in Warren, Rhode Island specializing in design, construction and repair of steel and aluminum vessels up to 220 feet.

Current Job Openings for Blount Boats:


Position: Marine Pipefitter
Department: Fabrication
Reports to: : Fabrication Supervisor
FLSA: Non-Exempt

Responsibilities of Position:
Performs layout, fabrication, installation, and repair of pipe systems
Fits pipe and properly prepares joints for welding to meet the specific requirements of the system on which work is being done
Works from blueprints and makes fabrication sketches from which another mechanic could fabricate a unit of pipe
Lays out and figures off set bends and rolling offset bends
May have to perform duties of comparable physical exertion
May be asked to clean up the work area and work in different crews when the work is slow or there is a shortage of workers on other crews
Make up flanges – Proper sequence and material required
Read Blueprints and drawings related to job
Perform torch cut – Ability to set up and operate burning torch. Right size, types, etc.
Fabricate and design pipe hangars
Use pipefitting tools and machines and all required tools
Test and groom piping systems – Know systems and good shipyard practices
Tack Weld
Install simple systems without blueprints
Work with all materials and sizes of pipe and tubing
Use and maintain proper tools
Silver braze and soft solder
Lay out all piping systems
Install plumbing fixtures and tie-ins – Mechanical abilities. Good, pipe-fitting and plumbing practices, care in installation
Use materials appropriate to systems and existing conditions
Evaluate joint allowances and build the piping systems within required tolerances
Construct dimensionally correct mock-up for off-site prefabrication – Read blueprints, fabricate stands and jigs, make targets. Construct within required tolerances. Tack weld.
Track job from material list through completion
Work with all types of pipe joints, welded, screwed, soldered, glued, and all types of materials; copper, CuNi, NiCu, Cres, Steel, etc.

Essential Functions:
Comprehend blueprints, sketches, and templates
Enter and work in internally confined sketches
Traverse and negotiate uneven heights between dock and vessel
Traverse and negotiate uneven surfaces
Traverse gangways and scaffolding at varying heights

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Knowledge of pipe materials and system
Distinguish between joint designs
Knowledge of angles, basic math, use of templates and how to make them for layout purposes
Know how to silver braze tack weld, solder, run a threading machine
Knowledge of basic pipe run
Ability to run pipe bending machines


Job Purpose
Pull wire/cable, cut electrical cable and connect/disconnect electrical systems.

1.   Complies with shipyard safety and environmental measures.
2.   Read and understands basic work specifications, blueprints and schematics.
3.   Familiar with A.C. & D.C. systems.
4.   Familiar with marine wire.
5.   Connects and disconnects all of ship’s electrical systems.
6.   Pulls cable and makes proper radiuses and crossovers.
7.   Troubleshoots basic electrical circuits and equipment.
8.   Able to run wiring harnesses.
9.   Ability to tack both steel and aluminum and build foundations and various structures
10. Ability to install equipment in a marine environment

PIPEFITTING 3RD CLASS (Pipefitter’s Helper)

  • Basic skills for pipefitting:
  • Able to cut and thread pipe.
  • Must be able to tack weld with stick and use cutting torch.
  • Ability to construct and install pipe hangers.

MACHINIST 3RD CLASS (Machinist Helper)

  • Able to use most hand tools, calipers, and micrometers.
  • Drill tap holes in foundations and specified places for anchoring machinery
  • Assist in moving and leveling machinery, using portable jacks, as directed.
  • Assists in bolting equipment to deck and attaches fuel, cooling, or lubricating lines as directed, using handtools.
  • Able to burn, cut and shear plate
  • Able to tack weld with stick and use cutting torch
  • Ability to read a tape measure in feet, inches and divisions of an inch.
  • Must know basic shipfitting and mechanical skills.


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Blount Boats is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As required by 41 CFR 60-1.4(a), 60-300.5(a) and 60-741.5(a), qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.