Blount Boats, Inc. of Warren, Rhode Island is a full service shipyard specializing the design, construction and repair of steel and aluminum vessels up to 200 feet.

Current Job Openings for Blount Boats:

This position will receive materials; verifying accuracy of shipment to packing lists, inspecting for damage and inspecting certain parts for dimensional and finish requirements.

  • Will deliver materials to stocking location and process paperwork to purchasing.
  • Will also assist in quarterly counts of stockroom and maintain orderly stockroom and receiving dock.
  • Must have work experience in receiving and stocking; previous experience in stockroom/receiving is a plus.
  • Strong Excel and Microsoft Office skills
  • Must have legible handwriting
  • Able to lift 50 pounds
  • Required Education: High School or equivalent

Pipefitting 3rd Class (Pipefitter’s Helper)

  • Basic skills for pipefitting:
  • Able to cut and thread pipe.
  • Must be able to tack weld with stick and use cutting torch.
  • Ability to construct and install pipe hangers.

Machinist 3rd Class (Machinist Helper)

  • Able to use most hand tools, calipers, and micrometers.
  • Drill tap holes in foundations and specified places for anchoring machinery
  • Assist in moving and leveling machinery, using portable jacks, as directed.
  • Assists in bolting equipment to deck and attaches fuel, cooling, or lubricating lines as directed, using handtools.
  • Able to burn, cut and shear plate
  • Able to tack weld with stick and use cutting torch
  • Ability to read a tape measure in feet, inches and divisions of an inch.
  • Must know basic shipfitting and mechanical skills.


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Blount Boats, Incorporated
461 Water Street
PO Box 368
Warren, Rhode Island 02885