Blount Boats Delivers Sister Ship to South Ferry

Warren, R.I. (March 2, 2009) – Blount Boats of Warren, Rhode Island delivers innovative vehicular/passenger ferry, M/V SOUTHSIDE to South Ferry, Inc., Shelter Island, NY. With a LOA of 101’ and maximum beam of 39’ the vessel comfortably carries 18 autos and a maximum deck load of 260,000 pounds. Main propulsion is provided by two Detroit Series 60 engines, each rated at 400hp continuous. Twin Disc 516 remote mount, reverse gears transmit power to Rolls Royce 4-blade, nibral ice strengthened propellers through 4” Aquamet 17 propeller shafts.

The M/V SOUTHSIDE is a sister ship to the M/V SUNRISE built at the Blount shipyard in 2002. It was named after an earlier vessel built in the 1920’s, which operated into the 1970’s. The SOUTHSIDE will service the half-mile crossing of partially protected inland waters between Shelter Island and the South Fork of Long Island.

On Green Features:

  1. Extended oil change. Active Puradyne bypass filtration system combined with oil analysis safely extends oil change interval to 3000 hours (based on sister ship performance).
  2. Clean agent fire suppression system. Engine room fixed fire suppression system utilizes Inergen by Ansul Corporation. It has no ozone depletion potential. In addition – unlike CO-2, it is not deadly to humans.
  3. Jacket water heating. Crew and passenger spaces are entirely heated by using engine “waste” heat as a heat source. No oil fired or electric heaters utilized.
  4. Exclusive DC Electric Power /No Generators. Three 24 volt battery banks provide electrical power for all vessel requirements. Normal operation splits the load between the three banks. However, each bank can carry the entire load in an emergency. Rugged and highly efficient deck lighting is provided by a combination of high intensity discharge Xenon floods and LED lights.
  5. Closed loop cooling system. Water cooler with zero discharge.

Other Features:

  1.  Noise Reduction. The entire machinery space above the waterline is lead lined with navy hull board in addition to thermal insulation. Engine mufflers are hospital grade. Engines are mounted on isolation mounts to minimize transmission of sound through hull structure, which results in much lower noise levels in all crew and passenger spaces.
  2. Removable Toughmet Shaft Sleeve at Cutlass Bearing. Brush-Wellman Toughmet sleeve at Cutlass provides high lubricity and long wear for both sleeve and Cutlass bearing. When replacement of either Cutlass bearing or sleeve is required, it is not necessary to draw the tail shaft, minimizing both expense and time out of service.
  3. Expedited Gear and Engine Oil Change. Fresh and waste oil tanks in engine room with quick connect fittings on oil pans and reverse gens facilitate rapid oil change and minimum down time. Remote mounted engine and gear oil filters for easy filter change and no spill.
  4. Redundant Navigation Lights. Navigation light failures corrected immediately by switching to back-up with no downtime or safety issue.
  5. Hydraulic Vehicular end gates provides improved crew safety and minimizes time necessary to open/close gates compared to manual gates.