blount_yard4Blount Boats designs and builds commercial steel and aluminum vessels utilizing both proven and new designs in it’s shipyard located in Warren, RI. Hundreds of Blount built vessels have been put into service, including passenger vehicle ferries, fast commuter boats, dinner excursion boats, passenger ferries, small cruise ships, bunkering tankers, tugs, commercial trawlers and wind farm service vessels.

Executive Team (from Left to Right)

executive_team2 Nancy Blount, Vice President
Marcia Blount, President/Chief Financial Officer
Julie Blount, Executive Vice President/Human Resources Manager

While the many vessels constructed to date have made the Blount name widely known, it has been good workmanship, innovations and proven reliability that have brought the Blount organization distinction as a successful leader in the marine industry. Service lives of our vessels are measured in decades, not years.

SHIPYARD-08-D1-7951Blount Boats’ mission is to build rugged, reliable commercial service vessels that will provide our customers with dependable service and lasting value. We have worked diligently to stay faithful to that mission and to earn our reputation as “Taskmasters Of The Sea.”

We carefully design and engineer every boat that we build for each and every client. Blount built boats have proven durability – providing service well beyond our customers’ expectations.

Blount Boats has built over 325 hulls at our shipyard in Warren, Rhode Island which has been in continuous operation since the company was founded in 1949.

Blount Boats has extensive experience in vessel maintenance and retrofits. You can count on excellent service from Blount Boats to help you achieve the longest possible life from your vessel.